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Welcome to Overtime Sports Graphics - Everything You Need to Show Off Your Team Spirit!

Digital Photo Submission Guidelines


The quality of each of your final Actionprint Wall Graphics is ENTIRELY dependent upon the quality of the photo you submit.


We have graphic artists and designers on staff whose only job is to make your digital photo look it's absolute best when it is enlarged and transformed into an Actionprint Wall Graphic. We know most of the tricks on how to enlarge something to that degree and still make it look good. Obviously, the larger and higher resolution photo we start with is going to look better when it's six feet tall. Due to file size restrictions and other variables, it's not always possible to start with the biggest or highest resolution files. That's okay, because our guys can still make your Actionprint look great, but we do want to start with the best image possible.
Here are some simple guidelines that will help you provide us the best images possible.

This photo is too fuzzy and out of focus

This is a good example of a sharp, in focus photo

Overlapping hands, legs and feet

No overlapping body parts from other players
Great for a

Photos courtesy of Lenore Lopez Photography.

You wouldn't want to submit a photo like this ...
if you wanted a clear, sharp Actionprint of the boy catching the football

  1. Always use the clearest, most in focus photo you can that shows the subject's face and eyes if possible. Blurry and out of focus images don't look any better--and actually look much worse--when they are enlarged 300-500%.
  2. We recommend a setting of 4 megapixels or higher for digital cameras and for those customers who would rather relate to dots per inch, we suggest 300 dpi. Most graphics used for print purposes are 300 dpi. Most graphics for video and use on the internet are 72 dpi. Any image that is 72 dpi to begin with and is enlarged at all, is simply NOT going to look good. 
  3. Use a photo that has the subject as close to full-frame as possible and if it is going to be used for one of our "take the background out" Actionprints, make sure we can see the subjects entire body including their hands and feet. If we can't see all their feet and hands it doesn't mean we can't make it work, our experience has just shown us that it gives us a better final product.
  4. Unless it is going to be used for one of our "leave the background in" Actionprints, avoid photos that have other athletes body parts (i.e. hands and feet) overlapping the subjects body. We can clone out those overlapping hands and feet and be glad to do it for you but we have to charge you extra for it.
  5. We spend hours upon hours building and maintaining color profiles and settings that guarantee that we are going to get the most out of your provided photo and out of our printers and materials. Our monitors and calibraton equipment are second to none. You have our word that we will not just hit the print button and send you whatever comes off the printer. We will look at the color, run tests, and we will make sure that the Actionprint you recieve is the best and most accurate color possible using the original image you provided us with as our visual target.

This sample photo shows some missing parts (hand)
We can still make an Actionprint Wall Graphic from it, no problem.

Please don't hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives to help answer your questions.