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Welcome to Overtime Sports Graphics - Everything You Need to Show Off Your Team Spirit!

Fundraising Opportunities


Are you looking for THE simplest and easiest fundraiser your team or club could possibly do?

Here is a proven fundraising opportunity that has no limits or geographical bounderies. There's no "door to door" selling, no standing out in the weather, no selling cards or products that people really don't want or need. If you know someone who has kids who play sports, or enjoy a hobby or sport of their own, they will be interested in this product. They make GREAT gifts and are totally unique and customized
Everyone is crazy about Fathead™* Wall Graphics. You see the ads on TV all the time. The problem is, you can only get Fatheads™ of superstar athletes from the NFL™, NBA™, MLB™, NASCAR™, MLS™ and other pro and college sports. You can't get Fatheads™* of your favorite superstars …YOUR KIDS!
For every Actionprint Lifestyle Wall Graphic order we receive that has your team or club's promotional code on it, we will pay your team or club 20%! IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE!
*Fathead™ and Fatheads™ are registered trademarks of FATHEAD, Inc.

Here is how our incredible fundraising program works:
  1. Once you provide us with a point of contact person for your team, we'll ask you for a high quality, digital photo of one of your players and we'll find out how many sales kits you will need.
  2. We then provide you with fundraising sales kits for each of your players that consist of one 10" sample of an actual Actionprint made from the sample photo you provided us, one full color information sheet about the product with current pricing and 10 black and white order forms that have your team or club's promo code on the bottom.
  3. We will also provide your contact person with pdfs of the fundraiser information form and the order form. They can link these forms to your team website or they can email them to all team members or to potential customers who might live elsewhere.
  4. The order form can be faxed to our offices and customers can submit their photos via email or they can mail a print or disk to our offices. Customers can also order through our on-line store with a credit card and mention the fundraising code. Your team or club will still get credit for the sale.
  5. Once we receive the order form, we coordinate with the customer and produce their Actionprint then deliver it via US Priority Mail in 7-10 business days.
  6. At the end of the fundraising period (usually 30-45 days), Overtime Sports Graphics will pay your organization one single payment for 20% of all Actionprint sales that are tied to your promotional code.

Here are some sample numbers that show the potential of this fundraiser for a typical club team:


    - 12 players x 10 orders ea. = 120 total orders
    - 120 orders x $79.95 (average order) = $9,594.00
    - 20% x $9,594.00 = $1,918.50 raised for your team or club!


Again, there's NO inventory to handle or distribute, no delivery of product, no spoilage, no collecting or turning in money.  All you do is let everyone you know about Actionprint Lifestyle Wall Graphics and if they are interested, you give them an order form. Then your team or club gets a check at the end of the fundraiser made out to your organization. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

Here's an actual email to parents from a long time coach who found out about our fundraising program ...


Parents, check out this fundraiser.  It's perfect; minimal work and effort; just in time for Christmas.
With Christmas fast approaching, people are looking for very unique gift that is personalized  Well, here's the answer to your search....A FATHEAD!  Normally people get FATHEADS of superstar players from the NBA, NFL, or any other sport.  But with this, we can get personalized FATHEAD of our own superstars.... our kids! 
For those of you who do not know what a FATHEAD is, they are life size removable and repositionable graphics that can make anyone look like a pro.  How unique is that! And what better addition to decorate and athletes room. 
And as a fundraiser, here is how it works.  Overtime Sports Graphics will print us up forms with an ID number on it and for anyone who uses our ID we will receive 20% of their purchase price.  All we have to do is hand out flyers, orders are sent right to the persons address.
That is a pretty easy fundraiser and just in time for Christmas. 
So yes --------, let's do this.  This is a no brainer; there is no easier fundraiser than this.  No overhead, no standing out in the cold, no door-to-door.  Just print, hand out flyers, and hopefully the orders start coming in! 
-------:  can we get copies of this order form at the soonest?  We'll make lots more copies.
Again, this is an almost no effort fundraiser.  Tell your friends and family; or even better...get one for your kids.  I'm getting one.
If we have enough people interested, I will have ----- do a photo session at one of the practices and set the camera at it's highest MegaPixel setting (for clearer photo) and you can choose which pose you'd like to make a FATHEAD.
All is good, Thanks -------- for this awesome idea!
Link to Overtime Sports Graphics:  


Coach Jack


Questions? Contact our customer service department at 1-877-260-0546 and we'll be glad to assist you.
* Fathead™ and Fatheads™ are registered trademarks of Fathead Inc.